New Business Strategy Focuses a Leading Eyewear Retailer on Success

The largest retailer of eyewear in North America needed to align the company behind a newly refocused business strategy that would impact every level of the organization.

Work Sample 2Employees needed to understand the rationale for the transition and what it meant for their roles and accountabilities.

Kennedy Communications collaborated with company’s leaders as they fine-tuned the business strategy. We provided a fresh, external perspective along with facilitation of team meetings that gave major stakeholders an opportunity to contribute to the process. To cascade the information throughout the organization, we created an engaging story of the new strategy using our proven visual mapping solution. We designed visual metaphors and wrote simple stories that communicated complex concepts of the strategy and connected them to the past, present and future of the organization. We created a presentation with animated elements and speaking points that provided a structure for company leaders to easily share the strategy at all levels of the organization. A printed storybook with a complete narrative served as a standalone piece that could guide a reader through the strategy independently.

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