A Renewed Brand Prompts a Change in Service Approach

An international retailer of office supplies was re-branding a division of the company that targeted small and medium sized businesses in 18 countries all over Europe.

Work Sample 3Employees needed to understand the rationale and context for the new brand while also learning a new way of serving customers that focused on providing solutions rather than simply taking orders.

Kennedy Communications began the project with a strategic development process that defined key messages related to the new brand along with opportunities to engage and communicate with employees. To support the cascade of information about the new brand and shift in service, we created a brand ambassador program that trained a select group of associates who could then train their peers. The program included material that set the context for the re-brand with engaging visuals and stories that focused on being a trusted solution provider and how that would positively impact customers. Learning tools were designed to support brand ambassadors as they trained fellow employees on new ways of working that would support the brand shift. Simple scenarios and stories gave associates a change to practice new behaviors while being coached and supported by leaders and peers.

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