Brand Transition Prompts a Focus on Aligning Culture for Healthcare Provider

A major healthcare organization needed a way to support the transition to a unified system brand while aligning culture across multiple hospitals and facilities. The solution needed to work in a variety of settings – from a busy emergency department in a major metropolitan city to a physician’s office in a small, semi-rural town.

Our solution became a suite of tools that local leaders could customize to fit their particular locations and staff. The toolkit included interactive online learnings that introduced learners to a unified brand promise and trained on core values that supported the delivery of the promise to patients and families. Online learnings offered an easy way to introduce new concepts in short sessions – ideal for hospital employees to fit into their busy shifts. A library of content provided speaking points that managers could use to lead team huddles. In small groups, concepts were reinforced and employees were invited to interact with each other through activities that supported the development of a unified, brand-aligned culture. A collection of visual elements and job aids provided reinforcement of key concepts in employee workspaces.

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