Kurt Kennedy speaking

How well do your employees understand your brand promise? Can they articulate it, and do they know how they impact its delivery? From the front lines to the executive offices, a consistent and unified understanding of the brand promise is a critical step toward aligning your organization.

Kennedy Global can share our expertise by speaking with your teams, generating instant momentum across your entire organization. From strategy sessions with senior leaders to interactive workshops with managers and employees, Kennedy Global can provide the focus, context and insight that will inspire teams, allowing them to fully grasp their role in delivering the brand promise.

Our consulting team can design the ideal format and content that will address your specific business challenges and industry, from the basic principles of speaking about brands to selling strategies and the customer experience. Topics can be customized to suit your specific business situation. Ideas could include:

    • Speaking: Ignite ExamplesIgnite Your Brand Promise – the Basics.
      Explore the rationale for igniting your brand promise and the tremendous benefits to be gained. What do we truly mean when we talk about a brand promise? Why does it matter, and how can it positively impact your entire business?

The Brand and Culture Connection

    • The Brand and Culture Connection
      Every organization has a culture – but the question is whether it’s one that is productive, positive, and supportive of the brand promise and the overall business strategy. Explore the interconnection of brand and culture. Find out how to lay the groundwork for a culture that energizes employees while achieving the short and long term goals of the organization.
    • Managing ChangeManaging Change – How to Arrive in Style.
      Any transition in an organization can cause friction, confusion, and concern – even if the change is one that promises positive long-term outcomes. Find out how to align leaders, communicate effectively to employees at every level, train on new processes or strategies, and strengthen the brand and culture while undergoing a change initiative.

Creating a High-Powered Sales Team

  • Creating a High-Powered, Professional Sales Team
    The term “sales” can conjure up negative ideas and stereotypes. Discover how to turn those notions upside down and empower your sales team to build value and connect with customers while delivering the brand promise and producing outstanding results.
  • Leadership Summit: Aligning from the Top Down
    Alignin From the Top DownNothing drags down an organization faster than leaders who are not on the same page. Competing priorities, personal agendas and miscommunication can contribute to misalignment among leaders. We can create a customized strategy session to synchronize your leaders by revealing disconnects, setting priorities, aligning beliefs and creating an overall strategy to move the organization forward powerfully.

If you are interested in a customized session or workshop that will specifically address your organization’s objectives and opportunities, let’s set up a time to talk.