Designing the Customer Experience

In a crowded and distracted marketplace, businesses are becoming increasingly focused on creating compelling and consistent experiences that attract customers and shape favorable brand impressions.

These experiences enable brands to tell their stories, differentiate from competitors and build emotional connections to customers, which will create immediate and future sales opportunities and long term growth of brands. Although I am using the term customer, this term also includes what some organizations might call consumers, members, clients, patients, etc. For purposes of this paper, a customer is anyone who is participating with your services or has the possibility to participate with your services.

Before any useful work on a customer experience begins, it’s critical for the organization and the development team to be abundantly clear on the brand promise of the organization. The brand promise is quite simply the expectation of the customer as it relates to your organization’s products or services.

Designing a customer experience requires a carefully considered strategy that examines the current experience, identifies gaps and opportunities, and uses the brand promise as a lens to ensure customer expectations are met. While the strategy behind creating these experiences is often very complex, there are some basic steps that will help to ensure a smoother process and an end result that feels natural and authentic for the brand while being easy for employees to deliver.

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