The Case for Internal-External Brand Alignment

One of our retail clients had recently created a new brand position with the help of their advertising agency. As you would expect, they launched an aggressive national advertising campaign to attract customers with the shiny new brand promise. Along with the new identity and position came several “brand attributes” that defined how they wanted customers to perceive their brand.

As they rolled out the new brand position, they made a big effort to introduce it to employees in their hundreds of stores and to enroll them in personifying the brand attributes to customers. The business was underperforming and counting on the repositioning of the brand to draw back customers in the hopes of regaining their trust and increasing sales.

It was at this point that the organization engaged our team to assess some of the internal communication and training challenges surrounding the new brand position. During the discovery work, we interviewed a cross-section of employees and visited several stores. A long list of misalignments and disconnects began to emerge that completely contradicted the efforts of the new brand campaign. To make it even more complicated, it became clear that the culture within the organization was nearly 180 degrees from the brand attributes associated with the new company position.

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