Igniting a brand promise requires a culture that walks, talks, sells, plans, hires, trains and functions with a unified commitment to delivering that promise. When an organization aligns behind its promise, it can move forward quickly and powerfully. Change can happen easier and faster, and loyalty is strong amongst customers and employees.

Internal-external brand alignment is the practice of eliminating the disconnects and distractions that can so easily breakdown delivery of your customer promise. It involves communication, education and ongoing engagement with your teams. It refocuses a company on what matters most – igniting and delivering the brand promise. Every customer, every time.

Explore our blog posts and position papers to learn more about internal-external brand alignment and how it can contribute to igniting your brand promise.

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15 Training Tips to Boost Retail Success

In the competitive world of retail, training your associates and managers is essential to building and maintaining the right customer experience that supports your brand. Kennedy Communications has had the privilege ofRead More...
By : Kurt Kennedy | Aug 5, 2015

Eight Benefits of a Brand-Aligned Onboarding Program

A new employee represents a clean slate – a shiny new star who is eager to put their best foot forward. That old adage about first impressions is certainly true with newRead More...
By : Alice Wright | Jun 24, 2015

Reasons to Hire for Cultural Fit

“If you can’t smile, you can’t work here.” That’s the bottom-line hiring principle employed by one of my favorite long-time clients – a specialty retailer that has had tremendous success by deliveringRead More...
By : Alice Wright | Jun 18, 2015

When Customer Retention Kills a Culture

Last November, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts expressed embarrassment over his company’s customer service. In particular, Roberts spoke of an incident last summer where a frustrated customer recorded a conversation with a Comcast rep. TheRead More...
By : Alice Wright | Mar 30, 2015

Why Internal-External Brand Alignment is Critical in Times of Change

Moments of change and transition are common and necessary. Staying competitive and pursuing new opportunities demands that business continue to reinvent, deconstruct, update and evolve. Business change and transition can include adaptionRead More...
By : Kurt Kennedy | Mar 8, 2015

How to Minimize Brand Damage During a Change

It’s happened to almost every professional at some point in their career: news comes from above that company strategy is shifting. A restructure is coming, along with the closure of locations andRead More...
By : Alice Wright | Jan 29, 2015
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