Igniting a brand promise requires a culture that walks, talks, sells, plans, hires, trains and functions with a unified commitment to delivering that promise. When an organization aligns behind its promise, it can move forward quickly and powerfully. Change can happen easier and faster, and loyalty is strong amongst customers and employees.

Internal-external brand alignment is the practice of eliminating the disconnects and distractions that can so easily breakdown delivery of your customer promise. It involves communication, education and ongoing engagement with your teams. It refocuses a company on what matters most – igniting and delivering the brand promise. Every customer, every time.

Explore our blog posts and position papers to learn more about internal-external brand alignment and how it can contribute to igniting your brand promise.

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What Makes Your Brand so Special?

Last night I had a very fun conversation with my daughter. She will be a high school senior next year and she decided to run for a class office. As she wasRead More...
By : Kurt Kennedy | Apr 2, 2018

How Brand Culture Contributes to Sales

Closing the sale is the lifeblood of any business. Often, the customer’s decision to buy, or not buy, comes down to impressions that happen at the very moment of that decision. OrganizationsRead More...
By : Kurt Kennedy | Mar 28, 2018

How Magnetic Brands Attract Customers and Employees

Magnetism – it’s that positive emotional energy that draws us in and makes us take notice. We become curious, compelled. Maybe even a little obsessed. Magnetic brands have that undeniable pull. CompaniesRead More...
By : Alice Wright | Mar 20, 2018

Who Are Your Hidden Brand Ambassadors?

If powerful brands are built from positive experiences (which they are), then the role of brand ambassadors is one of the most important components of a good brand strategy. A brand ambassadorRead More...
By : Kurt Kennedy | Mar 15, 2018

How Open Brands Communicate and Collaborate

I remember playing that old game of telephone at birthday parties when I was a kid. Sitting in a circle on the floor, the first person whispered a phrase to the nextRead More...
By : Alice Wright | Mar 9, 2018

Building a Disruptive Healthcare Brand

Earlier this week I heard an interview with Warren Buffett, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Buffet made headlines recently by announcing his partnership with the CEOs of JP Morgan Chase and AmazonRead More...
By : Kurt Kennedy | Feb 28, 2018

Increasing Brand Loyalty Through Service Recovery

Recently I visited the drive-thru of that popular national coffee chain that people seem to either love or hate. I drove away with my drink, not thinking twice. However, a mile downRead More...
By : Alice Wright | Feb 21, 2018

How to Unify Culture in Healthcare

One of the realities, and many would say opportunities, in healthcare today, is consolidation. Consolidation comes in many forms. Financial consolidation, operational consolidation, brand consolidation, etc. This post will focus on culturalRead More...
By : Kurt Kennedy | Feb 15, 2018

How Confident Brands Break all the Rules

Brands that align behind their customer promise are those that truly walk their talk. They consistently deliver what customers expect while also surprising audiences with new offerings and groundbreaking approaches to doingRead More...
By : Alice Wright | Feb 12, 2018

When Customer Expectations Are Not Met

I spoiled myself and my lovely bride with a new car a few years ago. With all the options and complexities that go with modern motor vehicles, I decided to purchase aRead More...
By : Curtis Franklin | Feb 2, 2018
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