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Brand Promise REI

REI Delivers Brand Promise by Closing on Black Friday

As the holiday shopping season barrels toward us, and especially Black Friday, it’s interesting to see how companies express their brand promises to customers amidst the mayhem of advertising and announcements of amazing deals. One retailer, REI, has taken its promise to an entirely new level by opting to close on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. For the third consecutive year, REI will be closed on ...  Read More »
company culture

Company Culture Should Be All About the Brand

It’s a common thing, when speaking with clients, for them to articulate what they see as a distinction between company culture versus brand culture. I understand what they are trying to distinguish but would submit the idea that, when true alignment with the brand is present, the company culture and the brand culture are the same. In addition, any organization that desires alignment will ...  Read More »
Brands Undergoing Change

Undergo Change without Jeopardizing the Brand Promise

It was President Woodrow Wilson who said, “If you want to make enemies, try and change something.” He was obviously pointing to the challenge of guiding change and transition that any business, or political leader, is painfully familiar with. In a world where one of the only things we can count on is change, most people still resist it and will go to surprising ...  Read More »
Employees Damage Brand

Protecting a Brand from Employee Trash Talk

I went to the mall the other day to run a few errands and overheard a very colorful conversation in the parking lot. As I walked from my car to the mall entrance, I passed a dumpster enclosure where two employees were sorting recyclables and trash. They were having a rather loud conversation about a recent wild party, and the chat included numerous expletives ...  Read More »
Customer surveys

Customer Surveys May Harm a Great Brand Experience

When the final bill arrived following a recent family dinner at a national chain restaurant, our server “Bob” made the plea for us to fill out a customer survey. He had provided decent service although not extremely notable. In his plea regarding the survey, he told us he would soon be going on vacation for a couple of weeks to visit relatives across the ...  Read More »
communicating change

Communicating Change with a Message Architecture

In an earlier post, we offered guidance on how to create and structure a message architecture to support communication around a change initiative. As a follow-up, this post will give some insight on how to use those messages. As pointed out in the previous post, the goal of a message architecture is to establish an intuitive structure that provides context for how audiences can think about ...  Read More »
change communication best practices

Eight Best Practices for Change Communication

Change is challenging.  Humans generally resist change in favor of doing what we always do.  A change often stirs up feelings of uncertainty, insecurity and sometimes hostility. Even if the end result of enduring a change offers promise and new opportunity, most people would rather stay the course and keep it business as usual. Even if the general consensus is that change isn’t fun, ...  Read More »
onboarding best practices

Best Practices for Employee Onboarding

Every new employee reflects time and money – not only in the recruiting and interviewing process but in the time it takes to bring them up to speed and make them productive. Creating an engaging and comprehensive onboarding program will maximize your investment, reduce your overall training time, and generate motivated and enthusiastic new employees who are ready to help your company thrive. Many ...  Read More »
Customer Experience Behaviors

How to Create Behaviors that Build a Seamless Customer Experience

Think about the last time you had a great experience as a customer.  What made it stand out to you? Perhaps it was the way you were recognized and regarded as a valued customer or maybe the experience was personalized just for you. Or it might have been that the whole experience was so pleasant and seamless. Share on LinkedIn Share Share on TwitterTweet ...  Read More »
aligned brands characteristics

The Power of the Customer Promise: Characteristics of Aligned Brands

Every consumer can name a handful of brands they truly love. These are brands we put above all others. Without hesitation, we buy them repeatedly, and we look forward to the experience. These brands give us a sense of pride and a feeling of community with others who share the same brand love. On the flip side, most of us could easily name some ...  Read More »