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changing employee behaviors

Changing Employee Behaviors and Beliefs to Deliver a Brand

Our work with clients often revolves around changing employee behaviors in order to more effectively deliver a brand promise. What our clients often find surprising is that the work of shifting behavior is less about the behavior itself and more about the beliefs that are behind it. The behavior is the “easy” part. Beliefs are where the long-term impact is made, and where rigor ...  Read More »
employment brand employee value proposition

Employment Brand and Employee Value Proposition: Two Sides of the Same Coin

What is the difference between Employee Value Proposition and Employment Brand? Are they simply two different ways to reference the same thing? No, there is a difference, but they are very related. It might be useful to think of them as two sides of the same coin. One can’t exist without the other. The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) The key is in the word ...  Read More »
marketing and human resources

Marketing & Human Resources: the Ultimate Partnership for Brands and Culture

In many organizations, it might seem counterintuitive to build a brand strategy that involves a partnership between marketing and human resources. Often these functions are quite removed from each other. But if you subscribe to the idea that a brand is nothing more than someone’s gut feeling about a product, service or company, then the link between marketing and HR becomes far more obvious ...  Read More »
Brand Experience Journey

When All Roads Lead to a Great Brand Experience

You have likely heard the expression, “all roads lead to Rome.” It’s a reference to the road system developed by the Roman republic around 300 BC. The Romans built a large network of roads radiating across their empire that, regardless of where you started, would eventually get you to Rome. Today, the expression is used to convey the idea that there might be many ...  Read More »
explicit brand promise

Tips for Making a Brand Promise More Explicit

Many brands are quite explicit about their promise to customers. They may rely on a single tag line or statement that communicates a very specific promise. That sentiment is repeated through all the touchpoints with customers. Even if the promise isn’t repeated verbatim, the sentiment is always there and used as the foundation for any brand-related initiative. Specific campaigns may introduce new messages that ...  Read More »
customer experience

Deliver the Brand Promise with Your Customer Experience

In a crowded and distracted marketplace, businesses are becoming increasingly focused on creating compelling and consistent experiences that attract customers and shape favorable brand impressions. These experiences enable brands to tell their stories, differentiate from competitors and build emotional connections to customers, which will create immediate and future sales opportunities and long-term growth of brands. Although I am using the term customer, this term ...  Read More »
defining customer experience

Defining the Customer Experience

It wasn’t long ago that customer experiences primarily focused on the transactional details of purchases. Today the customer experience is far richer and includes many touchpoints prior to a sales transaction and also many that come after. Those leading towards a sale could include everything from the advertising and marketing that begins to build an expectation in the customer’s mind and starts to form ...  Read More »
frontline employees

Frontline Employees May Know Customers Best

“We suck at that!” Those were the words uttered by a customer service representative from my health insurance company when I called to inquire about out-of-network claims that were not being processed correctly. When I asked why it’s so complicated to get the claims handled properly and according to my plan, the representative bluntly replied “We suck at that!” Even though her choice of ...  Read More »
evaluate culture

Taking the Temperature of Brand Culture

Many organizations regularly do formal measures of brand culture and employee engagement. These studies can provide regular, statistically relevant benchmarks for how the organization is doing. However, if you’re a smaller organization that hasn’t implemented these types of studies, or if you simply want to find grass roots ways to evaluate culture in between the formal studies, there are a number of things you ...  Read More »
blend cultures during consolidations

How to Blend Cultures During Business Consolidations

Consolidation is the reality for businesses today. In what can feel like the blink of an eye, employees often find themselves reporting to different leaders or working for an entirely different parent company. These changes may impact thousands of employees, and are often hastily explained. As groups or teams come together, the blending of cultures can create uncertainty, confusion and even resentment. Culture can ...  Read More »