Brand Culture Contributes to Sales

Closing the sale is the lifeblood of any business. Often, the customer’s decision to buy, or not buy, comes down to impressions that happen at the very moment of that decision. Organizations that have cultivated robust brand cultures know that the strength of their cultures absolutely contributes to closing the sale.

A strong brand culture creates a selling environment where associates are excited and enthusiastic about the promise offered by the brand. That authentic excitement is contagious and can tip the scale towards a purchase in cases were the customer is undecided. I have personally been in many situations where it would have been easy to walk away from a purchase, only to be intrigued and motivated by a good sales person who loves the brand they represent and can spontaneously communicate its value and what makes it special. That enthusiasm was enough to have me pause, and then purchase.

Strong Brands Support Premium Pricing

Smart organizations rely on the strength of the brand to support premium pricing. In fact, that’s the primary reason to have a strong and meaningful brand. One of the key leverage points to communicate the attributes of a strong brand is at the very moment of sale. Sales teams that are trained to communicate the “goodness” of the brand at the point of closing the sale, rather than trying to incentivize the buyer with a last minute pricing discount, are harnessing the power that a strong brand can provide. Building strong brand culture within an organization dramatically increases the chance that the sales representative will intuitively take this approach at the moment of truth.

Looking longer term, customer loyalty to a brand is primarily built from a series of positive experiences. A brand ambassador who is passionate about the brand they represent and is trained to easily communicate that excitement in tangible ways creates an experience that is not only effective in the short term, but fun for the customer. This positive experience with an authentic brand ambassador is one of the most effective ways to build the brand for the consumer, and customers who love the brand represent many future sales.

Decisions to invest in building the brand culture of your organization can, on the surface, sometimes look like a cost that is discretionary. Leaders considering investments in aspects of brand culture might not always see the rather direct relationship of a strong brand culture to sales, but it exists. Brands that have cultivated robust brand cultures absolutely know this to be true. Strong brand culture is positive for a company in many ways but one of the most direct is to the one thing companies often care about the most. Sales.

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