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In an earlier post, we focused on the power of a signature customer experience in various types of consumer and B-to-B applications. This post will focus on the immediate sales wins that are possible with the signature experience and the customer perspective of being the recipient of a well-crafted signature experience.

In addition to the opportunity to create a strong brand impression for the future, the signature customer experience is a powerful tool for closing the sale today. A well-crafted customer experience makes it easy and effortless for the customer to buy. It builds a perception of value for the product and supports the purchase decision with helpful information or compelling stories that appeal to the emotional triggers we all have.

Eliminate Buyer’s Remorse Before It Happens

A well designed signature experience can address possible buyers’ remorse before it ever takes hold. Many opportunities exist to provide purchase reassurance that will greatly minimize returns and effectively set up for future sales with that same customer.

Consistency is another powerful benefit of the well-designed signature experience. As companies continue to duplicate their effectiveness by opening dozens, or hundreds, or thousands of new locations around the world, consistency is critical to building a brand with staying power. The signature experience becomes a way to provide that consistency. It provides a very specific model that can be trained and measured to track effectiveness.

Emotionally Connect with Customers

Finally, a signature experience can connect with a customer emotionally. We would all like to think that our buying decisions are logical but the research doesn’t back that up. As logical as we think we are, emotions are often the most powerful driver of purchases. A correctly designed signature experience can establish and build the type of emotional connection that is most effective for your product or service.

As a customer, I love the signature experience. It keeps me interested. It communicates that I am special. In general, it improves the service I receive and makes the buying decision a pleasure. As more companies embrace the signature experience, the companies that have not taken this on really stick out. Purchasing from these companies feels far less special and becomes more of a commodity experience that does nothing to connect me to the brand.

The opportunities are plentiful. The ideal branded experience goes far beyond simply addressing the perceived buying pain points. It engages and excites the buyer and gives them an unforgettable moment that is likely to influence their habits forever.

What has been your impression of signature customer experiences? Which ones stick out for you as good and bad? In addition, if you have been involved with crafting a signature experience, what has that journey been like and what have you learned? We would love to hear from you.

Kennedy Communications has had the pleasure of working with many businesses to craft an experience unique to them. We are always surprised and delighted by what can be found when you truly focus on the promise your brand has made to customers and the small elements that reinforce how you are keeping that promise with them.

The signature customer experience can be a win for marketers, sales and customers alike. The perfect formula for building a strong and sustainable brand.


About Kurt Kennedy

Kurt founded Kennedy Communications in 1988 as a media production company. Since then, Kennedy Global has evolved into the leading internal-external brand alignment agency. Kurt and his team create strategic business solutions that align a company’s external customer promise with an engaged internal culture that generates tremendous results at every level of an organization. Kurt and his team have created strategic programs for some of the world’s most recognized brands including Intel, Nike, Office Depot, Starbucks, Albertsons, Adobe, Dell, LensCrafters, Target Optical, Sunglass Hut, Safeway, Unilever and many others. In addition to consulting with clients, Kurt frequently serves as a speaker and facilitator at a variety of business events around the world including strategy sessions with executive leadership teams, interactive workshops and training sessions at corporate summits, and keynote presentations at industry events. Kurt earned his BA in Mass Communications from Walla Walla University. He enjoys traveling in his spare time.