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Increase Sales through a Signature Customer Experience

In an earlier post, we focused on the power of a signature customer experience in various types of consumer and B-to-B applications. This post will focus on the immediate sales wins that are possibleRead More...
By : Kurt Kennedy | Aug 6, 2016

The Most Important Tool For Brand Communication

Communicating in large organizations can often feel like that old game of telephone. Messages get distorted and misinterpreted as they are delivered through various channels and by an assortment of people withRead More...
By : Alice Wright | Jul 14, 2016

Marketing vs. Service: Bridging the Gap

We have all experienced it. A slick new marketing campaign peaks our interest in a product or service. It’s usually a bold promise about what we can expect if we purchase aRead More...
By : Kurt Kennedy | Jul 4, 2016

The Power of the Signature Customer Experience

When you walk into a Safeway grocery store and are invited to use a custom shopping app to enjoy extra savings at the checkout line, and are then personally handed the receiptRead More...
By : Kurt Kennedy | Jun 6, 2016

Getting Real About Culture: Five Truths to Consider

Culture. It’s one of those buzzwords that gets thrown around regularly at organizations of all sizes. Most leaders acknowledge that a strong culture can mean the difference between outstanding and mediocre results,Read More...
By : Alice Wright | Jun 1, 2016

How Agile Organizations Embrace Change

Humans are wired to resist change. Generally we’d much rather maintain the status quo than undergo a change – even if it offers new opportunity and possibility. In today’s business world, changeRead More...
By : Alice Wright | May 4, 2016

How to Build Customer Loyalty through Moments of Surprise and Delight

When you’re a customer, it’s fun to be surprised and delighted by an experience that’s been personalized just for you. Maybe it’s your favorite deli that remembers you don’t like mustard onRead More...
By : Alice Wright | Apr 6, 2016

Who Owns the Employment Brand and Employee Value Proposition?

Creating an effective employee value proposition (EVP) and employment brand (EB) means making space for a lot of cooks in the kitchen. The EVP and EB require a special blend of expertiseRead More...
By : Alice Wright | Apr 5, 2016

How to Eliminate Silos in an Organization

“There are too many silos in our organization.” We often hear this from clients, and it seems to be the natural order of things in most large organizations. Lots of teams andRead More...
By : Alice Wright | Mar 4, 2016
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